Power Center Vertex XL

The world's most advanced surge protector.

Surge protection for
a smarter world.

10 AC ports. A magnetic USB-C power hub that can charge a MacBook. Three USB-A's. A Six foot nylon-braided cord unaffected by spills. 3,000 joules of protection. And the finest craftsmanship in the history of surge protection.

Power Center Vertex XL is more than a surge protector: it's a power tool.
Tangle-free, double-braided nylon cord

foot double-braided, nylon-wrapped cord means you can place your Vertex anywhere without bringing down the design of your space.

Extendable magnetic power hub

USB ports in a brilliantly designed power hub that can attach to virtually any surface with the included magnetic plate.

Extraordinary surge protection

Joules of protection means your devices can survive even the most unpredictable electrical disasters.

Introducing The Hub.

An extendable magnetic USB hub that detaches from Power Center Vertex XL and extends up to six feet. You can snap it to virtually any surface with the included magnetic plate. Its USB-C port is powerful enough to charge your laptop, so you don't need to lug that brick around anymore. It's the perfect complement to any space

Power to be proud of.

Crafted from finest materials that can house a surge protector, every component of Power Center Vertex is built with an eye for design and a heart for performance.

Its surface is a smooth, organic texture that feels luxurious in the hands and looks beautiful in its space. The device radiates luxury, from it's rounded corners to rewarding switch and LED lights.

Monster Center Vertex XL
A cord you won't want to cut.

Wrapped in a beautifully double-braided nylon fabric, this cord is protected against damage from everyday use, accidental spills, and vacuums. It can't tangle, and its brilliantly colorful sheen adds an element of luxury to any space. For the first time, you may actually enjoy looking at a cable.

5,000 joules of protection.

Power Center Vertex is built to defend your devices from even the most unexpected and rarest of electrical surges.

Breathe easy. We'll take it from here.

Add power to your powerful space.

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Power Center Vertex XL

The world's most advanced
surge protector.