Power Shield XL

Ultimate power. Ultimate flexibility.

Power. Wherever you need it.

Power Shield gives you power in places that have no outlets. It's a brilliant solution to a painfully common problem.

Oh, snap.

A rare earth magnet - one of the strongest on Earth - is used to snap Power Shield onto a surface. The result? Shield feels as though it was actually built into the surface. When we say this is a moveable power outlet, we mean it.

Beautiful power for beautiful spaces.

Power Shield XL was designed to complement contemporary spaces. Now you can add power to designer rooms without compromising style.

All this power feels good.

More than a moveable power outlet. Power Shield is a better outlet. With three USB-A ports, a fast-charging USB-C port, and two AC outlets, you'll wish every outlet was like Power Shield XL.


Two USB-A ports charge your most common and frequently used devices.

Surge protection.

Power Shield XL grounds and protects your outlets. The LED indicator lights give you peace
of mind that your equipment is being defended.

4 AC outlets

Four standard AC ports to power your equipment. While they may look ordinary, the power
sources are housed with exceptional materials and components that Monster is known for,
so your plugs are in good hands, err... ports.

Always within reach.

We know you need to be able place Power Shield XL in spots that are hard to reach. That's the point. With a six foot, nylon-wrapped double-braided cable, Power Shield can always be within an arm's reach.

Power is a good thing.

With four grounded outlets, you can plug in more high-powered, highly valuable devices in tight spaces.

People are talking.

We love hearing from our fellow Monsters.

Davey Newland

The best of the best. Thank you, Monster!

Isaac Peterson

Thank you for caring about quality in a way that most other companies don't.

Paulina Vasquez

Loyal Monster then, now, and always.

Brittany Madina

Gorgeous! The entire family loves it!

Power Shield XL

Moveable power outlet with
surge protection.