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Blaster 3.0


$ 349.99 USD
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Blaster 3.0 is the revolutionary portable boombox from Monster.

A closer look at
Blaster 3.0
Large buttons and LED indicators make it easy to control volume, switch between Indoor and Outdoor modes, and power on and off.
Exceptional craftsmanship meets modern design.
Exceptional craftsmanship means you can bring Blaster 3.0 anywhere and be confident it can stand up to the environment and remain looking as good as new.
Beautiful packaging makes Blaster 3.0 the perfect gift.
Impressive enough to be an outdoor speaker and beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of your living room, Blaster 3.0 is a versatile work of art.
Specifications and Details
Blaster 3.0
Bluetooth® with NFC Pairing
Connect and pair easily with your Bluetooth® enabled device.
Indoor/Outdoor EQ Mode
Optimize your sound with the push of a button to get extreme loudness and clarity in any space
120 Watts
Rock the party and inspire those around you with a audio power that feels almost too good to be true.
IPX5 Water Resistant
All weather design suitable for indoor and for outdoor use.
Power Bass
Studio-quality bass,made portable, thanks to an integrated 60 watt powered woofer.
Charge Out
Charge your devices with the built-in USB-A port.

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Davey Newland

The best of the best. Thank you, Monster!

Isaac Peterson

Thank you for caring about quality in a way that most other companies don't.

Paulina Vasquez

Loyal Monster then, now, and always.

Brittany Madina

Gorgeous! The entire family loves it!