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Power Shield XL


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Power Shield XL is a moveable power outlet that brings power to hard-to-reach places.

A closer look at
Power Shield XL
More than a moveable power outlet. Power Shield is a better outlet. With three USB-A ports, a fast-charging USB-C port, and two AC outlets, you'll wish every outlet was like Power Shield XL.
Create power outlets in areas you would not otherwise have them.
Power Shield XL snaps to a magnetic plate that can be placed on virtually any surface. It's so secure, you'd think Power Shield was built into the wall.
Power Shield XL was designed to complement contemporary spaces.
A six foot, nylon-wrapped, double-braided cable means Power Shield is always within reach.
Specifications and Details
Power Shield XL
Two AC Grounded Outlets
Plug in 2 AC-powered devices using a single AC outlet.
3 Ultra-Reliable USB-A Charging Ports
3 USB-A ports automatically detect your devices and deliver a stable charging speed up to 3.4A total.
20W USB-C Power Delivery Port
Ultra-fast USB-C Power Delivery allows you to charge your device up to 2.5x faster with 20W output.
Magnetic Mount
Magnetically mount the USB charging hub wherever you need it, using the 3M™ adhesive sticker and magnetic plate.
6-Foot Extension Cord
Extra-long nylon-braided extension cord gives you the flexibility to plug in all your devices without restrictions while offering extra protection against wear and tear.
540 Joule Rating
540 Joules absorb energy to adequately protect your equipment. The LED indicator shows that your equipment is actively protected.

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